Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am in my room here in damansara. The eyes are sleepy, but i was tempted to do this while i have the chance to do it.

Its been the past 4 month since my stay as a degree student. And in that four month is where everything happened from heaven... to hell.

Assignments, presentations, reports, tests and quizzes are being quite the " killing machine ". I just go with the flow, and alas, made it till the end. However, things don't turn out great for me, and there's a twist in my heaven. Things started to crumble slowly, and i noticed that, yes i may have to lose someone dearly to me for the sake of my goal and my accomplishment of what i have to do.
God wants me to see that, achieving what i wanted is not that easy, and there's just things that should be learned before you give full commitment on the things you want. Sometimes, without knowing the experiences of your commitments may kill you~

And so, the relationship that i had holding for the past 2 years and 10 month, has ended. If you say whose fault is this, well both of us are at fault, but he seems to be blinded of my gift to foresee his REAL AND TRUE intentions. Knowing it silently, made me perceive that the world is a challenging place to live. And little does he know he just turned me into a dangerous weapon against him.

I know that little and vicious intention he wants from he's " Time alone ". Although there are positive and negative side but. I can't risk the chances because. He's like giving me hope but at the same time killing my feelings with his words. I'M NOT STUPID. And so, i don't know if this is dugaan, or cabaran, but whatever it is, i want to forget him and live my life as i wish. And also, to have the strength to break through this situation. All your sweet talks and lies will never be deceived by me anymore. Because, something wrong somewhere, but don't know where. that is your mistake. Like wise man said, org akan menjadi buta dgn bnda yg ada di dpn mata drg. Encode it, translate it, decode it and assign meaning to it. You'll understand and realize that someday, you are gonna get your " balasan ". Because, i have seen it coming, due to your continuous attitude, i can see that you are going to be paid for your sins. you just wait and see. What we want doesn't always have to be given just like that through what you prayed for. Sometimes, what we prayed for will be given to us physically. And that is when the table starts to turn. In order to achieve what you prayed for, you must understand, and feel the things you did to others.

Even though it pains me for knowing your intention silently, but, this is what i have to go through to achieve what i prayed for.

If you are reading this, and i don't doubt that you do..
You just have to face the consequences. Because, anything could happen. you said you want to correct the things you did in your life, well then, you'll see, feel and understand someday that want you want isn't exactly in the form that you expected. :)

Till then:

Saturday, October 10, 2009



That my dear friend, would happen to you when you STEAL A CAR!.
Yes my beloved readers, in this moment, i have miraculously help someone to have back their stolen car. That is a black viva, plate number CCF dot, dot dot.

It happens to be that particular someone does not know that i am spying on her every move. She does not know that i was actually telling people some valuable info starting on the first day of bulan puasa this year. That my dear friend is commitment in work, spying on someone for almost 2 month, giving relevant information and planning when and where to have her.

The first step was completed, having the car back from her, was the easiest, i knew she would come in late to class, so i ask those boys to just wait outside the campus. If you see the car coming in, you just follow in. And at last, they got the car back. She was surprised that someone suddenly appeared infront of her and said that they want the stolen car back. Well, that car was reported missing and it is actually a polis case already. And so, this girl was talking crap, saying that it was her car and all. BULLSHIT!! YOU CAN EAT ALL THE SHIT, LIES AND CRAP YOU WANT, but the truth is still the truth. You can't deny the truth!!


Itu dia.. And so my fellow readers, plus she's a racist. Eventhough she have deleted her post about it, but i have saved her page. Its a proof kinda thing. And so, there's more to do to her.

I told you once and i told you twice. DON'T MESS WITH ME BITCH!!!



Yours truly

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The last enjoyment before final

On 1st oct 2009, Thursday, was the most exhilarating, Fun, madd-ness, tired and oh-so-omg day. Me and my biey was planning to go have one last club week before we head on to our finals. So, was actually planning to helo Bali, even though its small, but it sure does know how to make their customer's enjoy.. xD..

And so, sewa kereta kancil for just 60 bucks a day, and i head on to shah alam to my friends house. Was quite rushing when we were getting ready because we were really late. Was planning to go to helo Bali and eupho or barcelona, and get the guys free entry before 11.30 p.m. We girls are easy, free entry on that night. And so..Arrived in sunway around 11 p.m. Parked our car beside helo bali's entrance. I was the first to get out because i was quite curious why helo bali's lights were shut down. Alas, with such a dismay, they were close on that night, due to.. " Pipe tandas pecah " . What an annoying alasan. But who to blame, their toilet is in need of improvements because it is sooooooooooooooo smalll~ And so we looked at barcelona, it was already packed!! so change of destination to euphoria. Was lucky to arrive in euphoria because the line was not that long... yet.

But hampanya, my biey pula dtg lambat. Was so furious. If he could just arrive early, we could have gotten the table with seats in. Lambat pula dia. And so mula la the invisible angry aura that only both of us feel. He was pissed of, i was too pissed of. So both of us were pissed of at each other. I was pissed of because he was like, can't make up his mind to go which club, bcz i told him that helo was closed, and he was pissed off because he was pissed of by his friends and i made him more pissed by getting mad at him. So.. how la dat?? masing2 mau tegakkan betul masing2. Adeidei~

Anyway, and so we continued the line getting in eupho. The money and all was fine.. 3 bottles of chivas and 1 absolute vodka for 15 peopz and a whooping RM1240. Kira ok la tu, but actually we could get 5 bottles for 15 peopz in helo or bar but hey.. fun or no fun? masuk la

And we got the tiada kerusi punya table. Plus, i can't rest my feet, plus, was wearing god damn high heels maaaan! Anyway, at least the bartender was awesome, and gave us free refill of coke and lime juice. Why lime juice?? vodka + lime= vodka lime laaa. My favorite!! But i can't get my annual flaming Lamborghini because was soooooo packed in eupho, and the bartender x kasih due to the packed-ness in the club. He takut nnt terbakar club tu kalau tertumpah. Sdh la eupho is carpet-ness all the way. Habis.. cost besaaar. quite dangerous to order any drinks that involves flames. And also i can't get my annual 3 tequila shot... huhuhu.. =(

The music rawks, but the situation.. down! Did not dance much that night, because sikit2 kena bump on someones huge ass, sikit2 kena bump. So in the end, i was always at the table layan minum jer la. Some of my biey's friends were not drinkers so they all SGT LA CEPAT TING TONG. Kena angkat keluar club bcz they all x nak kluar when my biey asked them to go out. And so, seludup keluar the last bottle of chivas which was half, and the bottle of vodka which was almost finish but what the hell, we pay'ed good money.

And so, that's about it. Next time after final, going to three destination, first of helo bali, the club in genting, and going to the club in penang. Anyone care to join?? hehehehehe...

Much of you would say helo bali is boring am i right?? well, you're wrong!! because you all never tried there. Try going thursday, friday and saturday.. you sure be amazed!!helo bali, the place i go every weekend. Girls free entry, guys cover charge plus kalau nak table have to open la. Helo bali is very considerate, unlike barcel or eupho. Coco banana is dangerous because they play with pills.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Being a little TOO excited

Well, most of all, tomorrow i'll be back in My precious Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Flight is at 5P.M, arriving around 7.30 P.M. Its been quite awile since i've gone home. I've been so busy with assignments and work loads, studying and etc.. I've got no time thinking about anything else. Everyweekend i'll drop by to nieja's cribs at sek 7 or at belles room in uitm Shah alam. Because that's the only thing that could set my mind up straight from those work load.

Well, skrg betul2 rasa i'm a degree student. Its true what they said. Once you'd get into a degree program, you won't be able to relax until the term is over. SAVE ME!! the atmosphere here is totally different in UITM Merbok Kedah. I can make the difference in a piece of paper stating every each and single thing about the differences between UITM Merbok Kedah and UITM Puncak Alam. The only thing that is sooooooooo " Stand out from the crowd" is that, UITM Merbok Kedah, has sooooo many free time.. In UITM Puncak alam, they'll make sure your almost dead at the end of the term.

So, with the endless assingments, Projects, Quizzes, test and etc... They do make their statement clear that Going for your degree is NOT EASY!! People, take note. I'm 50 percent dead right now, even this raya i would not call it a vacation because assignments, projects, works and etc.. followed me back home.. " STALKER!!! "..

I just hope that when this term finished, i could relax and swap my ' Nerd mode ' to ' relax and enjoy' mode. =)...But before that, lotsa task to finish. M...u....s....t...f..o....c..u...s... xD!!!

Too excited going back to KK. Miss everyone at home. I think that raya this year is gonna be a blast. Because the whole FAMILY is in KK. But i won't get to feel those moment, well i do get to feel the moment but only a little bit. Because i'll be busy with my work, and making kuih..

Its all about TIME MANAGEMENT PEOPLE!!!..Gotta set my time when i'm back home in KK.. :)

So till then
Stay tune

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Name: Dayangku Mazrianah Bte. Pengiran Mahmuddin Tahir
Age: 20 years old
Birthday: 22 March 1989
Location : Selangor, Malaysia

Loves: My biey, My good friends.. The D.A.R.N, Belle and tuya, Food, Money, Liquid, Fun, Movies, Clubs, Music, Playing the piano, Studying and etc..

Dislikes: Liars, Hypocrite, Immatures, Childish, peopz yg kegilaan wan to be famous, Double faces, And etc...

Currently: Baru abis mandi, Doing this thing, waiting for that someone to call me.

Relationship: TAKEN

Studies: Bachelor in Office Management, UITM Puncak Alam.

Friends: Don't stick with just one, there's more to explore. However, i don't like being friends with people who just wants to be as famous as you and who forgets others when he or she found a friend who is just as immature as her.

Enjoy: I do and enjoy, but when it comes to studying, i am very strict about it.

Weekend: Lepaking in nieja's house or at belles.. ;)

Everyday: Woke up at 7 a.m, sleeps at 12 or 1 midnight..

Feeling: Relax, missing someone, and TENANG


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

People, people, people....

People are sometimes stupid in their own ways,

Sometimes they never do use their brain.
They think that they are so good and mature enough to know what's right for them,
But sadly all people see and view them are those immature brats.

They talk alot, but all people see and hear are all crap.
They think they know what is right for them,
But all they know is how to fullfill their wants and needs.
Neither of them know what is really important for them in the future.

They like to talk about people,
But little do they know that they are worst then them.
They think that they are strong, with gangs and friends.
But little did they know that their childish friends won't last forever.

They want to look like their the leader of the pack,
But none viewed that person as so due to the fact of their lack of mental capacity.

that's how idiot people are..
People who don't understand the meaning of live your life for a better future,
Not live your life to fullfill your destiny..

Till then,

Monday, August 31, 2009


What happen when someone tries to steal your boyfriend, and you'll end up having big fights with him?? What happen when someone is mental crazy adoooooores him besides you?? What happens when you tried to leave him because he cheats on you for three times, and he still comes back to you because you are the one for him?? ( get it) This last statement might contradict others perception but, when he comes back to you, crying like a 5 year old boy who have lost his mommy in a shopping mall.. hugging your arm begging you to not leave him.. what are you gonna do?? and its the first time he's ever done that..

And so.. Yes we do have our ups and downs. Our big moments and our deepest secret from each other. But both of us shared our deepest secret to each other without feeling anxiety or awkward. Its because we except each others mistakes.

Love is what God gave us. Even in love there are always walls that we need to break it in order to achieve what love really is. " Walau dalam percintaan, halangan itu tetap ada dan kesabaran juga tetap diuji dalam pelbagai cara yang dikehendaki oleh Allah s.w.t.. " :)

So, its not only in life that we are being tested by God, But also in love. Therefore we need extreme patience and prayers and ask god for help from his tests.

The guy that i love, that i have put lots of patience and understanding towards him, has crushed my heart by cheating on me. If it is once i'll forgive but three times is enough to make me wonder, Was the love real? If its not real, would he come back to me just to pujuk me and begged me to not leave him even though it would cost his life??

Not to brag about myself but, I am thankful that i have a huge IQ capacity, and could think accordingly. But i do not mix up religion and logic.

"Allah telah uji kesabaran aku dengan percintaan antara aku dan hafeez. Kerana dia la yang tahu betapa sayang nya aku terhadap hafeez dan betapa sayangnya hafeez terhadap aku. Hanya dia la yang maha mengetahui bahawa hanya hafeez la yang ku mahu hidup bersama. Hanya dia la yang tahu jika kami layak mewujudkan masa depan bersama. Dan hanya dia la yang tahu isi hati kami berdua."

Its been 2 years and 7 month were together. And i learn alot about him. There's always a reason why God made us fight. And there's always a reason why relationships don't work out. My relationship with hafeez has been going strong for 2 years and 7 month. And despite the things that happened, we're still going strong. ' If he comes back to you after what he did was really baaaad, and he stops doing it because he loves you, he's yours for eternity. But if he comes back to you without knowing that what he did was wrong, and he keeps on doing it, He is not yours for eternity.

Oe yea, before i forgot, i saw this one particular blog where i saw a picture of both of them. At first i was furious, but i seem to be imune to it. Because, he's with me now, and she's the one who keeps on getting her revenge. So, i actually kesian kat dia. How desperate she is to find guys to love her, to give her the attention she wants. And how badly she wants a guy, boyfriend orang pun jadi jer tuk dia. Jgn jak bapak org tu pun dia nak.. So typical P.E.L.A.C.U.R... I'm actually not mad at you babe, but kesian jer..Its because you got no life..Pity...... Janji ada butu cukup kan.. love, my one and only biey... :)


Till then,
Stay tune;
Deekay.. xD